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NuNanny is parental control software that enables you to keep your family's online experience as safe as possible. By blocking websites with inappropriate content and dangerous applications, you can be sure your children are completely protected while using the computer. Monitor your family's computer activity by logging each program accessed, or website opened.

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Control computer activities, restrict and filter unsuitable

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Monitor computer usage - sites, applications and etc.

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Review which websites and applications were blocked

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Why NuNanny Parental Controls

Complete Protection

You control which websites and apps can and cannot be opened by your children

Extensive Monitoring

Review your child's website history, opened applications and computer usage

Adapted on a Daily Basis

Based on ratings and parents' comments, we adjust our parental control software to meet emerging concerns and demands

Tamper Resistant

NuNanny is protected against any surprising changes of your settings. Password protection, stealth modes and an all administrator tools locker safeguard against any user manipulations.

Protect Your Children Easily
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Step 1

Choose NuNanny as your child's online safeguard

Step 3

Adjust the filter settings to meet your family's needs

Step 4

Your children's computer is now completely managed and safe

Our Customers Recommend

I'm so glad to have found such decent parental control software that has a sensible approach to website blocking using whitelists. I have been surprised by the programs feature and support quality. I'm very pleased to have discovered NuNanny. - Jack M., USA

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