NuNanny Features

NuNanny is comprehensive parental control software for protecting your children from inappropriate content and other dangerous activities on the Internet. Beyond filtering, NuNanny streamlines activities on your computer so you don't have to wonder what your children are doing when you're not around.

Block Inappropriate Content

With the vast number of websites and internet content that your children can encounter or search online, every parent must address the possibility of inappropriate content appearing on the home computer. NuNanny allows you to control the content your child is exposed to on the Internet. You may block particular websites or every website that falls into a dangerous category. If you want even tighter control, you can allow certain websites only through a white list and block everything else.

Time Controls

Computer use can distract from more important matters. The parental controls allows you to limit the time your child can use the computer overall. You may specify the time allowed for games, or websites and adjust the schedule to make sure your children aren't using the computer when they should be studying or sleeping.

Monitor Computer Activities

Even with content blocks and filters, it is important for many parents to monitor their children's computer activities. By remaining aware of your child's internet habits, you can proactively shield them from dangers and troubling content that they may come across elsewhere.

With NuNanny Parental Controls, you get detailed reports of every opened app and website visited. Reports are taken to let you see exactly what your child was doing at any time.

Set Your Rules of Computer Use

All parents want their kids to consistently follow the rules of computer use. Through our easy to use control panel you can manage every single aspect of parental controls. You decide whether or not to allow your child to visit particular websites or to limit your child's computer time. We provide you the tools to do just that.

Other Key Features

Block Social Networks

Manage your family's Facebook and other social networking site usage

Application Blocking

Forbid games, chats or any other programs on your family computer

Whitelist Blocking

Permit only your list of trusted websites and block all others

Your family's safety is the most important thing for you. With computers and internet becoming such a big part of our lives, you need to make sure your children aren't exposed to any risks when being online. NuNanny Parental Controls is a safe, reliable and effective software that is ready to help.

Want more details how to install and configure Nunanny?

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