About Us

At Nunanny we create parental control software to make your family computer protected and secure. Whenever your children browse the Internet, play games, chat on social networking sites, Nunanny is ready to follow them closely blocking all dangerous and protecting them.


Nunanny is a brand of the Austrian company Hidetools Inc. specializing in development, publishing and distribution of computer software for content filtering and security needs. Founded in 2007 by engineers, the company, since its creation, has developed software for parents and employers.


We're dedicated to creating the best parental controls for your children. Our mission is to protect children online and offline from accessing inappropriate sites, applications, chats, etc. Nunanny protects families and helps parents manage their children experiences with digital world.


Our team is a combination of specialists in programming, researching, document specialists and support team available to help you when you need assistance. Together we design, create and support the software. Our aim is fast, reliable, intuitive and bug- free products you can run on your PC.


All our products are fully tested to the highest standard. The software is compatibility with all versions of Windows including Windows 10. Our products is 100% our work. We've created, and optimized thousands of lines of code. We are constantly improving our software listening to your needs and expert opinions.

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